Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So far, so fabulous!

Ok, I have to make this quick, because I do not know how much internet time I have left! I have made it to Slovenia, Ljubljana to be exact. The bus ride was actually quite nice and relaxing. I made sure I did not sleep on the bus though, so I could sleep at the hostel.

Though the location of Hostel Celica leaves a bit to be desired; there are graffiti covered walls all around and not great lighting at night; the hostel itself is incredible. Last night there was an Irish band performing and they played everything from traditional drinking songs to Johnny Cash. Other folks who had brought instruments with them, even jumped in and jammed. There was also a local wine tasting, which was very nice and very cheap. So, I drank two glasses of the red, before I realized that the guidebooks said not to miss out on the white...maybe tonight.

My roommate last night, was a very quiet and timid Japanese guy from Japan...who was here only to sleep. This morning he got up at 5 am and raced out to see the castle in town. Then he came back, checked out and went to rent a car to drive to Croatia. I hope I get a good roommate again tonight! The only other problem with this hostel is that folks are up at all hours. I am so glad that I brought ear plugs with me though!!!

Well I am off to see the city now and will do my best to keep you posted! Sorry, no pics from the road this time is too difficult to manage the uploading at internet cafes! Ciao for now!!!

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