Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fate in Florence?

The longer I live, the more I believe in Fate or rather in the fact that life gives you exactly what you need, whether you knew you needed it or not. Last night, I was further convinced by the surprising generosity that I found in a couple from England.

For the first time in three years, I returned to one of my favorite pizzerias in Florence; Ciro and sons. After all this time, my favorite waiter still worked there and still remembered me! Now, I say that this is one of my favorite pizzerias, because the pizza is very very good and exactly what I want in an authentic pie, but the prices are less than desirable.

In any case, I sat down to eat and ordered a pizza, a salad, some water, and a single glass of house red wine; which in most establishments will cost you about Euro 1,50 or
2. To my astonishment, the glass of wine at Ciro & sons was Euro 6, which is more than I ever pay for a whole bottle of wine. None of this was known to me though, since I didn't look at the menu, but ordered from memory.

While I began to eat my dinner and drink my wine, a English-speaking couple was seating next to me. And as I couldn't help but listen to their discussion about what to order, I jumped in and made my recommendations. Thus began an hour-long conversation between Kevin and Ann, from just outside of London, and me! These were some of the most pleasant folks I have ever met in my life. They kept asking about the UNC program and life in Florence, as well as dinner recommendations for tonight. I, of course, pointed them to La Giostra, which is an upscale, but still affordable restaurant where everyone is treated like a king. I also gave them advice on visiting museums and the like. It was such a nice time and they apologized more than once for interrupting my dinner. But, to be honest, I didn't really want to eat alone, so they were welcome company!

Initially, they ordered tap water, but the waiter would only sell them bottled water, so as I finished my dinner and had almost a whole liter of water left, I gave it to them.

Now, where does Fate come into all this you might ask...well when the bill came, I was astonished to see that it was 22 Euro. I only had 18 in cash. So, I went to use my credit card, which I then discovered I had left at home!!! So, Kevin gave me the difference and I was able to pay for my meal and not have to beg the waiters to let me come back the next day to pay them.

It's funny how things just work out that way. I thanked Kevin and Ann and we exchanged email addresses. I hope to somehow repay them in the future for their kind gesture. They kept telling me that just my pleasant conversation and advice was payment enough. Go figure!

It just goes to show that you never know...I didn't want to eat alone last night and so I didn't. I needed help to pay for my meal and help arrived. Sometimes you just have to be open to whatever it is that life or Fate drops in your lap!


  1. How much backwash was in that bottle you gave them? Just kidding. See, I'm reading your blog!

  2. Oh I'm so glad Doug Doug! And just to clarify, there was no backwash in the water, because I used a glass.